About Maddie

Maddie Yazel is a craft artisan and costume designer who recently earned their  BFA in Theater Design and Technology with a concentration in costumes from Emerson College. Maddie's love for costume crafts in conjunction with design, along with a fascination for the details, has grown over the past years. Creating authentic worlds for people to escape into has always been and continues to be a driving force in Maddie's art. They have been distressing and dying costumes since 2016 and look forward to continuing their career as a fabrication specialist for costumes. 

Craft Artisan

Since 2016, Maddie has been experimenting with a plethora of crafting & dyeing techniques. From dyeing cotton with natural dyes such as avocado skins and pits, to distressing a brand new firefighters jacket to make it seem as though they just walked out of a burning building, to even frosting a dress, Maddie's interest in details is what motivates them to create. 

Costume Designer

Worldbuilding has always been integral to Maddie as a costume designer. Creating new worlds for audiences to escape into is the most powerful thing one can do. From building an entirely new world in a devised piece led by Rinde Eckert to designing the garb of a purgatory courtroom in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Maddie's goal as a designer is to push creative limits and break boundaries with clothing.